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P.A. 3 / S.O. 3.2 - N. 419


Agricultural WastE as Sustainable 0 km building MatErial

Project Summary

AWeS0Me aims at raising awareness on the existence of fully sustainable building materials, made of agricultural waste, and stimulate the development of new ones which, in addition to their thermal insulating function, have a low environmental impact. The main goal is to spread best practices about the use of  agricultural waste for producing bio-based building components with high hygrothermal performances. To achieve this result, the project will implement Pilot Labs on technical solutions with bio-based building materials reaching energy criteria in line with EU standards. Furthermore, a knowledge network will be built for the promotion of green buildings, especially in public administrations of the Programme area.

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Total budget 706.936,09 EUR
EU Contribution IPA co-financing 85%
Duration 01.07.2020 / 31.12.2021

Main Outputs

-    Network for the promotion of the green buildings
-    Pilot labs on sustainable materials

Project Partnership
Lead Partner
CONFIMIALBANIA (AL) - Contacts: Gejsa Seferaj - awesome[at]confimialbania.al
Project Partners
  1. Politecnico di Bari (IT)
  2. Inovaciono preduzetnički centar Tehnopolis (ME)
  3. Molise verso il 2000 (IT)